Rental Property Inspections: How Do They Work?

Rental Property Inspections: How Do They Work?

Did you know that you should be inspecting your rental properties every three to six months? If you haven't visited your property in a while, it's time to catch up.

Without regular inspections, you may be missing some small problems now that could turn into huge problems later. This could mean that you're spending unnecessary money repairing things upon the move-out inspection.

By performing rental property inspections regularly, you'll be able to spot problem areas that your renter may not even notice.

To learn more about how to perform a real estate inspection on a rental property, keep reading.

When to Perform Rental Property Inspections

If you have current renters staying on your property, you need to make sure that you understand when it's appropriate to swing by. Ideally, your real estate contract stipulates property inspection rights. If not, you may not be able to search the property until the current renters move out.

Edit your future contracts to include real estate inspection needs. Alternatively, you could hire a property management team to take care of these things for you.

Here are the most common points to perform real estate property inspections:

  • Upon renters moving in
  • Upon renters moving out
  • Routinely every three to six months

On top of these choices, there are also 'drive-by' inspections. As the name suggests, these occur when the owner of the property drives by it. During these inspections, they're only looking for any changes on the outside of the property. 

As for the other inspections, they're more detailed. Landlords may take pictures of current damages or keep a running list of the condition of the property. 

How to Perform Rental Property Inspections

First and foremost, you must give notice. By law, you need to give a certain amount of notice (depending on your area) before entering a renter's space for an inspection.

Check with your legal representation to cover your bases before notifying any renters about your real estate inspection.

As you're notifying renters, you should ensure them that this is routine inspecting that is for the betterment of the property. You wouldn't want them to think they're being punished or watched over.

You should also encourage your tenant to be at home so that they can walk you around the space. They may have concerns or questions as you're going through the process.

This process of communicating gives open space for tenants to be honest about problems they're having. Then, you can get things fixed before they become too far gone.

While walking through the home, be careful not to photograph personal items. Additionally, you should never engage in confrontation with the renter if they become frustrated by the inspection process. Remain calm and professional.

If any problems arise, you should address them in writing rather than verbally.

Get Help With Your Rental Properties

Conducting rental property inspections every three to six months can be daunting. If you're worried about keeping up, you can depend on our team.

Contact us today to get started.

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